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Omnis Coupon – Users Reviews

Omnis webhosting network was established since 1999 with the vision to provide quality webhosting affordably. Constantly, Omnis coupon provides even further affordable webhosting on this platform. Omni maintains its own datacenter in Tempe, Arizona. This simply means direct webhosting that does not rely on third party hosting facilities before resolving any hosting issue, especially downtime. The webhost prides about industry-standard webhosting equipment and infrastructure that guarantees 99.9% uptime. Well, the best webhosting review is the one from service users. Keep reading to find various opinions and experiences by users on Omnis webhosting platform.

“I’m a newbie webhosting consumer referred to Omnis by a friend who has hosted his small business on this platform for four consecutive years. Well, since I’m a novice user, I wouldn’t yet know what features make a webhosting company thick and more popular. But at least, for the fact that my friend Fred stuck to Omnis for four years is a good sign that I’m on the right webhosting platform. In fact, it was the mention of the Omnis coupon that attracted me most since my budget is on the tight side right now ~~Michael Smith

“I’ve been doing a lot of comparison webhosting shopping, trying to find a webhosting company that offers Cloud Hosting affordably. I’m particularly interested in Cloud Hosting because of the nature of my website. I was so cloud to find cloud hosting on Omnis platform at an amazingly affordable rate. At least, among the 20 webhosting companies I reviewed, I didn’t find cloud hosting under shared package; the few that offered cloud hosting had the package as separate service with high price tag. I became even more dazed that I could achieve further affordability on shared cloud hosting by taking advantage of the company’s coupon discount offer!” ~~Gadget Master

It will be better if the company should clearly define the webhosting packages that a client can apply Omnis coupon to. I was so disappointed when I clicked the coupon link to order for dedicated hosting and found out the coupon does not apply to dedicated webhosting. So, what’s the essence of the coupon…I should rather look elsewhere!” ~~Ryan

“I’m glad Omnis is true to its claims of same quality webhosting features and service at a discount. When I first heard about the discount coupon, I thought the quality of hosting service will not be the same as someone paying the full price. Well, I still decided to take the risk…I’m glad I did! I took advantage of Omnis coupon to transfer my domains from a previous webhosting platform to Omnis. So far, I’ve not experienced any downtime on my website unlike the previous webhosting website I’m coming from. I’m also enjoying full hosting features like someone who paid the full hosting price. I will recommend Omnis to anyone.” ~~Bryan

“…my own review is rather a complain. I wonder how these reviewers got the Omnis coupon code in the first place. I have ransacked their entire website without any glimpse of a coupon code or link. I’m feeling frustrated and fed up with the site!” ~~Jason K

“I love the fact that activating the coupon was quite easy and hassle-free. I’m happy I followed the instruction I found in an article titled “What You Need to Know about Omnis Coupon”. I wasn’t too sure how the discount would reflect. However, I saw that the 20% discount was applied to my Windows Cloud hosting order at the completion of my order. Saving up to 20% to host my new website means is a whole lot to me”~~Larry

Additional Information

The best place to find Omnis coupon is on affiliate websites. Most webhosting companies promote their coupon discounts via their affiliates. Simply search for “Omnis coupon” on Google in order to get different options for your search result. Focus on the most relevant links, particularly the ones that feature the most current coupon. Keep your eyes on the coupon’s expiry date to know whether the coupon is still valid or not. A good number of affiliates do not take off the old coupon links and codes.

Why pay for full hosting price on when you can get a 20% OFF the original hosting price? Omnis coupon and special offer is valid till 04/30/2014.